Environmentally Friendly Coatings

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for environmentally Friendly Coatings. The importance of using these is due to growing environmental health and safety considerations.

Our Aim:
MD has been committed to the ongoing research, testing and learning of innovative products that are kinder towards nature. We work closely with many of the leading suppliers of environmentally friendly coatings and we understand their products very well.

Benefits of environmentally friendly coatings:
Apart from the fact that they are friendly to the environment, water-based coatings are not flammable and can be thinned with normal water. They also have fewer problems with yellowing over time and are low in VOC’s making them a more desirable choice by many Designers, Architects and Builders.

In the past some water-based coatings were slow to dry making them inefficient for commercial use. In recent years however, with increased research and development, improvements like faster drying times along with durability now make them a perfect alternative to 2-pack polyurethane, most at similar costing ‘per sq mtr’ to our clients.

Coatings Available:
There are both interior and exterior coatings depending on your needs. Please call us and ask us for a quote.