Do you have options to use environmentally friendly products?
A: Yes we do. Please see our Environmentally Friendly Products page for more details.
What are your Factory and Office Hours?
A: Our factory hours are 7.30am to 3.30pm and our office hours are 9:00am to 3.30pm.
What are your forms of payment?
A: You are welcomed to pay by cheque, cash or electronic funds transfer.
Can we open a 30 day Account?
A: Yes you can. Please contact us and we will send you our Terms of Trade and the application form.
Do you do pickup and delivery?
A: We specialise on finishing the product to a high standard and package it for delivery. We don’t usually pickup or deliver however arrangements could be made depending on the size of the project.
Do you do exterior finishes?
A: Yes we do, there are several products in the market depending on the level of exposure to the environment, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
Can you organise accelerated productions?
A: Yes we can. We have a standard turnaround time however at times our clients require their projects to be done at a faster rate, if this is the case we will endeavour to work with you and meet your deadlines. Please note a surcharge may apply depending on the turnaround time frame required.
Can you arrange for one off ‘Touch ups’?
A: Yes we can, touch ups can be done on work that has been slightly damaged and needs to be fixed onsite. We are renowned for our touch up experience however we will not be able to accommodate all touch up calls it will depend upon our workload at the time. Please note one off touch ups are to be paid at the time of the touch up by cheque or EFT.
Do you do household items?
A: Not usually, we mainly work with commercial companies but check with us and we will endeavour to fit you in if possible.
What are your Terms of Trade?
A: Please email us for a copy of our terms of trade.